About UK Plant Sci

UK PlantSci provides a unique opportunity to learn about the breadth of cutting edge plant science research in the UK, and to meet with plant scientists outside of usual networks. The meeting hosts a diverse range of talks, all held in plenary and pitched towards a general plant science audience. Every year our delegates report back to us on the value of this approach, citing the quality and breadth of talks among their favourite aspects of the conference.

Organising committee
Alan Baylis, SCI
Richard Flavell, Ceres Inc
Adrian Fox, Fera Science
Daniel Gibbs, University of Birmingham
Alan Jones, Earthwatch
Celia Knight, Consultant, The Gatsby Plant Science Summer School
Lars Ostergaard, John Innes Centre

UK PlantSci is the annual conference of the UK Plant Sciences Federation (UKPSF). The UKPSF brings together member organisations from across the plant sciences in the UK to provide one voice for the UK plant science community and create a coordinated approach to research, industry, education, policy and outreach.

The UKPSF is a special interest group of the Royal Society of Biology and operates with financial support from the Society for Experimental Biology (SEB), the Biochemical Society and the British Society for Plant Pathology (BSPP). The UKPSF was founded with support from the Gatsby Charitable Foundation and SEB.


UK PlantSci 2016 Supporters
UK PlantSci 2016 is supported by the following organisations:

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